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President & Owner
Name: HEW101 - Manuel Seiwald
Duties: - President & Owner of Hellenic Airways
- Responsible for all Website Systems and Layout
Location: Austria Austria
Contact: info[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

Chief Executive Officer - CEO
Name: HEW153 - Brian Collins
Duties: The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for overseeing all airline operations. Directs the airline with assistance from the Staff members. Approves all final policies and reports directly to the airline members and the Owner.
Location: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Contact: HR[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

Human Resource Manager - HR
Name: -
Duties: The HR Manager is in charge of all pilots, and new applicants. He is the person who will help deal with any conflicts among pilots and/or staff.
Contact: HR[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

Public Relation Manager - PR
Name: -
Duties: The Public Relation Manager is in charge for all Communication and Marketing duties. He is also updating and maintaining all Social Media Pages.
Contact: PR[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

Operations Manager Europe - OPE
Name: -
Duties: The Operations Manager Europe is in charge of all the Europian schedules, and over seeing the fleet. He will insert, update and edit all existing schedules.
Contact: OPE[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

Training Manager - TR
Name: -
Duties: The Training Manager is in charge of training new recruits in how to fly for HEW using our flight tracking software, different Flightsim Plattforms and flying online with Vatsim or Ivao.
Contact: TR[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

Event Manager - EV
Name: -
Duties: The Event Manager is in charge of organising online events and group flights. He will also organise joint online events with other VA's and co-ordinate events with ATC.
Contact: EV[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

Tour Manager - TO
Name: -
Duties: The Tour Manager is in charge for organising HEW tour flights. He will use the different aircraft of our fleet and organise tours to explore scenic and challenging regions all over the world.
Contact: TO[-at-]flyhellenicairways.com

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